[Cancelled] International Women's Day Benefit: Lend a Healing Hand hosted by the Beyond Innocence Foundation

Other / Amsterdam
08 March 2014, 7pm

Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012 LB
+31 (0)63 643 4033
€: 100

In honour of International Women's Day, the Beyond Innocence Foundation (BIF) will be hosting a benefit in Amsterdam with the theme of Lend A Healing Hand.

About the Beyond Innocence Foundation

BIF is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2013 by Martha Mghendi as a response to the extreme amount of child abuse cases taking place in Taita District of Kenya. 

Working both in Kenya and the Netherlands, Mghendi noticed a lack of a safe places or therapeutic centres where Kenyan children suffering abuse and associated traumas could go to seek help and recover. 

BIF is working to fill this need by constructing a safe house, home and rescue centre for minors who have been abused. The home is the only one of its kind thus far in Taita Taveta County and will offer shelter to sexually, emotionally and physically abused minors, including those running away from early or forced marriages. 

In addition to providing a safe haven, BIF will also provide the children with counselling and the opportunity to continue their education. 


For more information about BIF, see here or join their official facebook page


bif women's day dinner
Taita Taveta County District Officers with the BIF Team in Kenya

Lend a Healing Hand Benefit

Recognising the importance of International Women's Day, BIF is looking to bring attention to those women who are not so fortunate or are living in difficult circumstances. 

March 8 is meant to celebrate the economic, political and economic achievements of women.

While honouring this message, BIF is also looking for those who have been successful to support those children who are not; as, after all, today's girls are tomorrow's women. 

The benefit will consist of a dinner with a three-course meal, with all of the proceeds going to the construction of the Safe House and Rescue Centre for the Beyond Innocence Foundation in Mwatate, Kenya.

Payment Details

To make a payment, use either bank transfer (Sti Beyond Innocence Foundation, Rabobank Netherlands, IBAN: NL45 RABO 0103 6693 53) or via Paypal to email info@beyondinnocence.org. 

Special discount: groups of four!

In order to take advantage of the offer, pay either via Paypal or bank transfer (payment details above) and then send an email confirmation here mentioning the names of the four people in your group. Four dinners for the price of three (300 euros)!

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