Meibock Beer Festival 2014

Festivals / Amsterdam
13 April 2014, 1pm

Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, 1013 EX
€: 6

This April, PINT North Holland, together with Brouwerij de Prael, will be organising the 14th edition of the annual Meibock Festival at the atmospheric Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam.

Meibock Festival 2014

Each year, the Meibock Festival signifies the real beginning of spring for the beer drinker. 

Featuring a range of bock beers from both well-known large breweries and independent, more craft-style creations, the festival offers visitors a chance to taste over 40 types of beers made especially for spring. 

Along with a variety of snacks, the beer is served in a custom 15cl tasting glass which is produced especially for the festival by PINT North Holland. 


meibock festival 2014 amsterdam
Thumb photo by Flickr user Neil T

What is Meibock beer?

PINT (Promotie Informatie Traditioneel Bier), an organisation that teaches about brewing and beer standards in the Netherlands, describes Meibock in laymen's terms as a beer that is traditionally dark-amber or light blonde with a hint of bitterness, sweet or fruity undertones and one which can be placed on the market only between March 21 and June 21. 

Although various flavours and strengths exist, the beer is only available for the spring season and the use of the image of a buck on the packaging is only permitted for Meibocks which meet these criteria. 


Tickets are available at the door.
Entry ticket does not include drinks.

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